There is no absolute certainty of the conditions in which coffee first
arrived to Colombia. Historical data indicates that the Jesuits brought
small seeds with them at around 1730, but there are different versions
of this. Tradition says that the seeds of coffee came from the East of
the country, brought by a traveler from the Guyana who passed through
Venezuela until reaching Colombia. The oldest written testimony of the
presence of coffee in Colombia is attributed to a Jesuit priest, Jose
Gumilla. In his book “The Orinoco Illustrated”(1730) he registered the
presence of coffee in the mission of Saint Teresa of Tabajé, near where
the Meta River empties into the Orinoco. The second written testimony
belongs to the archbishop-viceroy Caballero y Góngora (1787) who
registered the presence of the crop in the North east of the country
near Girón (Santander) and Muzo (Boyacá), in a report that he provided
to the Spanish authorities.

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